IHC Optimization Service

If you have a newly developed antibody that has not been tested for IHC staining yet, abm will work with you to provide the best IHC staining conditions for your antibody.

Before and After IHC Optimization

For any antibody used for immunohistochemistry staining, optimization of the pretreatment and working concentration is crucial to obtain the best staining results. After fixation of the tissue, proteins are cross linked to one another which prevent some epitopes from binding to the complementary antibody. To improve binding and subsequent staining of the marker of interest, different pretreatment methods are utilized to break the cross linkage of proteins. Antibody concentration will also greatly affect antibody-antigen binding and staining intensity. To obtain the best staining with minimum amount of background, the working concentration for each antibody must be determined experimentally.

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"We are happy about the CD4 and CD8 IHC staining your lab did. The quality of the IHC staining is very good."

Fugang Zhu, Idera Pharnacueticals Inc

Service Details

Core Services
Service Name Description CAT. NO. PRICE
IHC Optimization Service

Optimization of a specific antibody to obtain the best staining results with minimal background. To obtain the best results, 3 methods of pretreatment, and 4 different dilutions will be tested for each case.

Customer to provide:
(1) minimum 30 µg of the primary antibody, raised in mouse or rabbit and reactive to human tissue
(2) minimum 12 unstained slides, positive to the marker of interest (recommended: 24 slides)
(3) minimum 6 unstained slides, negative to the marker of interest 

Deliverables: Images of all 12 conditions tested will be given to the customer. For delivery of actual slides, please inquire.

HC015 $375.00/case
Add-On Services*

Have the tissue, but can’t embed it or cut it? Don’t worry, send us the tissue sample/block, and we can do the embedding and/or cutting for you!

Add-On Services* CAT. NO. PRICE
HC004 Inquire

Processing of Formalin-Fixed wet tissue suitable for paraffin embedding.

Deliverables: Processed wet tissue suitable for paraffin embedding.

HC005 Inquire

Embedding processed tissue into FFPE block suitable for sectioning and subsequent staining.

Deliverables: FFPE tissue block.

HC009 Inquire

Processing of wet cell pellet into FFPE block suitable for sectioning and subsequent staining.

Deliverables: Paraffin embedded cell pellet block.

HC006 $5.00/Slide

Sectioning of FFPE blocks to produce unstained slides. Unstained slides can be used for H&E, IHC or dye based staining. All slides are cut at 4 μM unless otherwise specified. Please inquire for Tissue Microarray sectioning.

Deliverables: Unstained FFPE tissue section slides.

HC017 Inquire
HC018 Inquire

Digital scans of stained slides at 20X or 40X magnification. This service is offered in conjunction with IHC, H&E or special staining services.

Deliverables: Digital scan will be digitally provided to the customer.

#Minimum order of 10 tissue samples is required.

Additional Info

Sample Submission Guidelines and Shipping Instructions

Please fill out our Histology Service Request Form, and email it to quotes@abmgood.com to initiate an inquiry. Before shipping, please fill out our Histology Services Sample Submission Form with your order number and follow the shipping instructions for your samples.

Specimen type Shipping instructions
Unstained slides Place slides in microscope slide boxes. Make sure to seal and wrap the box well.
Formalin-Fixed wet tissues Transfer formalin-fixed sample to 70% alcohol. Seal and wrap the container well to prevent leaks.
Fixed cell pellet Transfer the samples to 70% alcohol. Seal and wrap the container well to prevent leaks.
FFPE tissue blocks Ship tissue blocks in a cassette case or bag. During the month of May to August, ship blocks with gel ice pack to prevent the block from melting due to higher temperatures.


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