Technology Transfer Office
We can help commercialize your discoveries!

Is your checklist currently looking like this?

  • Developed Technology
  • Validation
  • Publication
  • Commercialization

Let abm help you finish your to-do list! With your expertise you can easily validate or publish your work, but let abm’s experts commercialize your technology and share it with thousands of fellow scientists.

Whether you have developed a cell line, virus, protein, or assay design, recoup the spent research dollars you invested into generating your technology by licensing with abm! To inquire, please email
us directly at or fill in the form below.

  • If you have materials in your lab that you no longer use, trade it up for something new to use in your next research project.

Why work with us

  • 20+ years of experience in establishing mutually beneficial licenses for commercial sale
  • 200,000+ customers and reliable logistics with worldwide distribution in 60+ countries
  • Our facility will be a free biorepository to safely store your technology
  • 500+ successful commercialization licenses signed to date
  • 100+ collaborations with renowned institutions and companies worldwide
How to get started

1. Apply online

Let us know about the technology you developed by emailing us at or filling in the form below.

2. Wait for review

Our Technology Assistants will work with you to review the technology.

3. Transfer materials

Send your materials to abm.Please refer to our protocols for shipping frozen or live cells to abm.

4. Ready for sale

See your technology online ready for sale!

Our mission

Applied Biological Materials (abm)'s Technology Transfer Office is dedicated to seeking out innovation, protecting abm's intellectual property, and facilitating technology transfers through mutually beneficial licensing terms to bring novel technologies into the market for researcher use.

As true motivators of technology development, our team is ready to connect with principal investigators, fellow technology transfer offices, and liaison offices to facilitate the smooth commercialization of de novo technologies.


The experience has been great. I hope to continue working with you and abm.

Matt Boehm
Mayo Clinic
Meet our team

Angela Trinh, IP Manager

Angela Trinh oversees the daily administration of the technology transfer office, including negotiations, licensing, patent applications, copyright registrations, knowledge transfers, and commercialization strategies.

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Email us directly at or send us your inquiry by completing the form below, and we’ll get in touch shortly.